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Company profile

Founded in 2001, Quanzhou Yingtron Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in series of microwave electronic products: High power resistors, High Q capacitors, Isolators, Filters, SMA connectors etc..


We are not only distributor for many famous brands( such as NXP/AMPLEON, CREE/WOLFSPEED, MACOM, Triquint/Qorvo, TOSHIBA, SUMITOMO, Hittite/ADI, Mitsubishi) but also agent for Chinese components, make sure you can share our one-stop service.


Our components are widely used in Broadcasting, Repeater, Satellite Communication, Millimeter Wave, Radar, GPS, Aviation and Spaceflight, Measuring Instrument etc..


We have the best products with perfect service that you are looking for, welcome to contact us!